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Streamline Matter Management

Replace your legacy case management system and independent communication tools with one integrated platform that does it all

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Communication & Collaboration

Conference calls, reply-all email chains and 3rd party messaging apps are no way to run a legal matter. In Legal Connection, each matter is set up as secure encrypted multi-party chat.

Add lawyers, stakeholders and anyone else that needs access to the matter. Cut down on back-and-forth emails and keep everyone informed as work progresses.


Project and Task Management

Running cases, with multiple team members can be operationally challenging.

In Legal Connection, each matter has a list of tasks with due dates. Delegate responsibility and watch out for those dates and deadlines.

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Document Management

Using Legal Connection, you can add hundreds of files and folders to your matter with a simple drag and drop.

Matter information is stored securely in the cloud-based document management system and accessible only to authenticated users.

Search, Anything, Anywhere

The great thing about running your matters through Legal Connection is that its easy to find what you're looking for when you need it.

Whether its an uploaded file, a matter folder or a message sent in chat, Legal Connection's instant text search will bring you right to what you're looking for, superfast!

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Cost Estimates

The billable hour may not be dead but corporate legal departments need to understand and approve costs and track legal spend.

Allow your outside counsel to create quotes, share invoices and log time as they work on your legal matters.

Measurable Impact

Monitoring & Reporting

"What gets measured gets managed." Legal Connection's reporting features turn this principle into action for both in-house and pro-bono departments. Identify bottlenecks, spotlight opportunities, and make informed decisions to propel your legal operations forward.

Law is a Team Sport

Tackling complex legal challenges requires a diverse set of skills. Today's legal teams need to be agile, coordinated, and multidisciplinary

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Expand Your Collaboration

Working with individuals both inside and outside your organization broadens the scope of expertise available. Legal Connection allows you to invite external collaborators to join forces on matters, creating a more robust and effective approach to problem-solving.

We built Legal Connection for

Corporate Legal Departments

Running the legal function within a large company is a balancing act. There's no better tool than Legal Connection to manage cases, track referrals and keep stakeholders updated, at scale.

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