Secure Communication and Collaboration Platform for Legal Teams and Their Clients

Paper free practice
Legal Connection is the ultimate solution for keeping your matters all in one place.
Tick off tasks
Forget post-it notes and TODO lists. Legal Connection helps track your tasks per matter.
Mobile first
Stay connected to your team and clients as you practice law from your favourite device.

Client Centered Practice Management

As lawyers we love email. But it’s not the most efficient way to get work done. Legal Connection centers around a secure group chat which is accessible to the client and all lawyers that are working on a matter.

Clients want to understand how much they are paying and SRA regulations require transparency. With Legal Connection, your client sees quotes and invoices as they are created and time logging in real time.

Keeping track of files relating to a matter can be tricky. With Legal Connection you and your client have access to the same cloud-based filing system. You can upload or view any file from any device and even collaborate on Google Docs.

Ever had a client call the firm to ask the status of their matter? With Legal Connection, everyone involved in the matter knows what tasks are being done, who is responsible for doing them and when they are due to be completed.

“Legal connection is awesome. My life has become so much lighter and balanced! It helps me track all my conversations with clients on a single platform and I’m also loving the to-do list feature, now I don’t have to constantly make notes or re-read a file to jog my memory because I haven’t touched it for weeks; the system speaks to me about outstanding work and progression of file, also much easier to relay this information to my clients when they ask!”

Mariyam Ferreira
Aristone Solicitors

“We use Legal Connection for all of our matters. It makes communication, file transfer, and task management easy between all of our clients and lawyers. The legal industry has been waiting for a product like this and glad we were an early adopter since it has made running our business much easier.”

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